200 Bank Street Genealogy Records

A Genealogical Record Of The Residents Of 200 Bank Street In The Old Village Of Mount Pleasant, SC

Cir. 1858

1995 - 2010  Ray Moorehead Crosby

1992 - 1995  William & Patti Cheney

1857 - 1946  Owned by the United States Government

1930 - John E. Eriksson and his wife Maggie M. resided in the  
          according to the 1930 United States Federal Census. His
          occupation was listed as a "light house tender." Mr.
          Eriksson was born cir. 1870 in Sweden & immigrated to
          the U.S. cir. 1899. He previously served in the U.S. Navy.
          In 1935 he was retired and living in Dade County Fla.
          with his wife Maggie Magnolia Maggie was born cir. 1879
          in South Carolina & died in Dade County Florida in 1939.
It appears John died in Dade County, Florida in 1941 and
his middle name was Erwin. 

1920 - Mr. and Mrs. Eriksson resided at 200 Bank Street
          according to the United States Federal Census. His
          occupation was given as "Light Keeper." He and his wife
          resided in the home with their two children Benjamin Lee
          Eriksson, age 19 (3/31/1900 - 5/27/1887) and daughter 
Bertha J. Eriksson, age 17. In the 1910 Federal Census, 
Mr. and Mrs. Eriksson are listed as living at # 5 Wentworth
Street in Charleston and  his occupation listed as
"Lighthouse Keeper."

1910 - Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Powick resided at 200 Bank Street in
          1910 according to the 1910 United States Federal Census.
          He was born cir. 1860 in Germany. His occupation was
          listed as "Harbor Lights." At the time Bank Street was
          called Light House Lane. His wife Igantz was born cir.
          1861in Germany. Their son Alexander was listed as being
          born in Germany cir. 1887. He was single at the time.


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